HostGator Review – What You Really Get With Their Managed WordPress Hosting


HostGator Review and Technical Specs of Hosting

Here is a long, but very informative video review of HostGator and the technical specifications of HostGator’s servers and their different hosting products, specifically WordPress Managed Hosting and their Shared Hosting.

Many people who get hosting from HostGator have no clue about the actual service they are getting, believing that simply because they are ‘big’ that they are also ‘good’, however this is not always the case as you will see in this video.

A lot of hosts hide their specs for their servers and network as they DO NOT want to disclose these items, due to the limits they put in place on accounts.

In this video you will learn what kind of performance you can really expect from a HostGator Managed WordPress Hosting account or even their shared and cloud shared hosting… you simply will be blown away by how little you really get and the issues their hosting can pose for your websites.

Watch the video, post your comments, I’d really love to get your comments on this!


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